Training Philosophy

With a Lift Craft Fitness training program, you’ll learn that you can accomplish extraordinary things through patience and persistence! My exercise and nutrition programs are custom designed to your needs, preferences, and schedule. I will take the time to listen to your story and help write the next chapter of your fitness adventure and give you the tools to ensure your results last a lifetime.

My training style is direct, efficient, and tailored to you. We will use one-on-one personal training to build your workout regimen, focusing on your movements, posture, muscle recruitments, and timing periods. I’ll be understanding and patient, but I won’t let you quit – we’ll take breaks, re-center, and work through whatever challenges may arise.

We start where you are. If you aren’t ready to exercise in a gym full of people, I have a private gym (which I lovingly call the Batcave) equipped for beginners strength training and boxing. If you are ready for a larger gym, we will work from Tampa Family Fitness on Bearss Avenue & Florida Avenue. Weekly check-ups are more than just progress photos - we will review your week, discuss possible adjustments, and go over any questions you have for the next week. I want you to feel comfortable and supported through the process, while being accountable for your progress and adherence.

As a trainer, I will:

  • Take the time to listen to your past fitness experiences

  • Target your strengths

  • Identify potential demotivating factors

  • Devise a minimal stress strategy to get you started (and stick to it)

  • Determine your motivating factors and the best accountability methods for you

  • Identify what fitness methods haven’t been useful to you in the past

  • Set realistic goals, with the focus of lifelong change

  • Decide how to face challenges in sticking to the program

Working with me won’t lead to a quick or temporary fix. My personal training strategy is to build you a fit lifestyle program focusing on longterm goal adherence. Once it becomes part of who you are, the health results come naturally. That requires you to be open and honest about your goals, expectations, and willingness to adapt to the lifestyle. This dedication will be a key component to your success. I want to help you to the next step. Set up a consultation and we’ll start today.

The Facilities

The Batcave offers a variety of cardio options including a treadmill, jump rope, HIIT training, boxing, a fenced property for jogging laps, and a nearby nature preserve for hiking and other outdoor exercise. The gym room has .5” thick padded floors, which are cleaned after each session. Strength training equipment includes free weights, resistance bands, a weight bench, and a yoga ball.

Tampa Family Fitness (14968 N Florida Ave) In-gym sessions are equipped for all exercise styles and is the home of Freestyle Muay Thai. Membership varies from staffed hours to 24/7 access for under $25/month.

Contact me for training inquiries