I'm certified personal trainer and artist Tania Jimenez.

I founded Lift Craft Fitness because I know from a lifetime of experience how difficult it is to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Starting at 9 years old I began the battle with childhood obesity and the struggles that come with it. Diet pills, binge eating, over exercising, quitting, starting over again. I had gone up and down with weight, hitting plateaus, losing motivation, and trying every diet fad available. 

In March of 2012 I was involved in a car accident that changed my life. Getting t-boned by a big red truck at 40mph on your driver’s side door will certainly give that life flashing before your eyes feeling. I suffered a neck injury and was told by MY doctor that I would never be able to lift weights or run again. Admittedly, I listened at first and went on being miserable, gaining all the weight I’d recently lost over the next month. I was scared. I kept thinking that if I gave up I'd end up with heart disease and diabetes like many of my family members. My mental health and quality of life was already quickly deteriorating. Once I got cleared to start physical therapy I started feeling a little better.  After a few weeks I felt I was getting some relief from the pain via stretching and using the resistance bands for exercise. How could I be told I’d never lift again if I was feeling better via exercise?

After I was cleared from physical therapy, I researched my injury and wrote myself a strengthening plan, starting back from square 1 with 2lb dumbbells, a yoga ball, and resistance bands. Slowly and steadily I regained my strength. I figured it was time to get serious about my overall health and what staying obese meant for my future. All the symptoms of chronic illnesses that the elder members of my family suffer are all potentially preventable because they are all due to being overweight. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes being the most prevalent that I was on my way to if I didn’t make a change and stick to it. This thought of being in my golden years and losing my independence was the biggest motivating factor to ever light the fire in me. My new goal wasn’t specifically weight loss or to bench press 100 pounds. I has become all about quality of life. To be able to live a life that prioritizes my mental and physical health so I can continue this awesome adventure to my best ability until my last day on Earth.

I’ve continued to educate myself on exercise and nutrition ever since. Patience, persistence, and education got me to where now I can lift heavy and run again pain free. Educating myself has given me the confidence to beat the gym anxiety I had struggled with for years by having a solid plan to walk in the gym with. Gradually my body weight lowered and my strength increased. I even took up new physical hobbies, such as Muay Thai kickboxing, kayaking, aerial yoga, and riding dirt bikes. All fun activities that helped me connect with new active friends and kept my mind happy learning new things. With a neck injury and a few torn tendons, who’d have thought I'd go this far?

October 24th 2020 I will be competing in my first ever athletic competition at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic. 

Now I want to help you thrive, based on where you are and what your goals are. I want to help you start to enjoying your life while being your most complete you. You won’t find any pushy training strategies or guilt trip tactics here. I will use patience and persistence to help you build your healthiest you, one goal at a time. I’ll listen to your story, concerns, and expectations, then build your training around you. We’ll work around your schedule with the environment that best suits you, whether its a home gym, fitness center, or even while traveling. Via the use of a mobile app its possible to train together from anywhere. Let’s start the first chapter of your fitness adventure today!